Vince Macri

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I just love cars ... all my life, I have been surrounded by cars, servicing, repairing and even customising some great classics, particularly of the 50s and 60s. Cars of that era seem to have such great character and they look so good.

  • Classic Cars specialists
    Classic Cars specialists
  • Wheel & Tyre Check
    Wheel & Tyre Check
  • Qualified Mechanics
    Qualified Mechanics
  • Brakes Check
    Brakes Check
  • Holiday Safety Check
    Holiday Safety Check
  • 4wd Safety Check
    4wd Safety Check
  • :( no we don't do Formula 1
    :( no we don't do Formula 1

imageRegularly checking the brakes and tyres is important for the safety of your family.

It makes sense and cost effective as they are the parts of the car that connects with the road. It can also save you big dollars, in tyre wear and the ability to better avoid accidents ...

Most costly issues that develop in cars often emanate from small issues and lack of attention given to detailed items.

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they work on cars ... special cars, which has brought them in contact with many types of classic cars, modified and originals including chevs, cadillacs, holdens and fords ... when asked to name his favourite car, Vince Macri thoughtfully answered how "They're all special to me,".

These beautiful cars bring back wonderful memories. Vince and the boys started working on these cars in their teen years and have turned that passion into a successful business.

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imageRegular Servicing of your car is important for the safety of your family.

Knowing that brakes and tyres have been checked and working efficiently, and that you won't break down, will give you and your family peace of mind.

It is also cost effective, it makes good sense and can save you big dollars ... your car will love you for being wise and finding such a good, honest and reliable mechanic from Macri Motors at Austral ...

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