The boys at Macri Motors have a great passion for cars



what do they do in their spare time ? they work on cars - special cars

Custom Cars which has brought them into all types of classic cars modified and originals including chevs, cadillacs, holdens and fords ... when asked to name his favourite car, Vince Macri thoughtfully answered how "They're all special to me,".

Restoration of these special cars is rich recapturing memories. Vince and the boys started working on cars as a hobby in their teen years and later turned that passion into a restoration business. He loves it because he shares so much with the majority of classic and custom car owners who he knows are driven by

"Most people involved aren't in it for the money — they just love their cars," he says. "and they're recapturing wonderful memories. It's a passion for them — there's a story behind every car," Vince says. "They're trying to relive the past and the good times."

"We're finding people are now more into muscle era cars — cars of the '60s and other favorites."  There are plenty of small groups of afficionados,  clubs and associations across the country.

Some of the cars they work on have undergone some type of modernization, either to the engine, transmission, or other interior refinements. and some come with some pretty wild personalized paint job ... it makes their cars unique

"Every time I get in one of these fabulous cars, it puts me in a good mood," Vince says. "One of the coolest things is the all the people I meet wherever I go who just want to talk about my car."