Regular Car Servicing and the safety of your family

Regular Car Servicing is important for the safety of your family

carservice-family-keys... servicing your car on a regular basis is cost effective and keeps your car in good shape. It makes good sense and can save you big dollars ... your car will love you for being wise and finding such a good, honest and and reliable mechanic from Macri Motors.

A Regular Car Service will ensure that your car will operate reliably and efficiently and is maintained to maximise the life span of the vehicle and will give you a better resale value. Used car buyers value a car that has been serviced regularly.

Regular car servicing also extends the life of your vehicle. The reason good car servicing means that your car lasts longer is that faults, defects and abnormal wear are found before they become disastrous and expensive to repair.

So the small cost of good car service and car inspection in routine auto servicing and repair, results in a good return on your investment in the car as it ...

Reduces the cost of repairs over the life of the vehicle
Minimises engine wear and protection from contaminated engine oil
Reduces the amount of time your car is off the road
Reduces the chance of  accidents particularly due to faulty brakes, bald tyres or poor suspension components
will offer you better fuel economy for your car
more likely to increase the life of your vehicle.